Guest Artist Seth Sullivan, Art Pusher

This time next week, the artists and creatives at The Handmade Revolution will be transforming The Yellow House on B Street into what has become a familiar sight to our followers. It will be our 4th Annual Fall Trunk Show and this time we will have a few guest artists joining us, one of them is Seth Sullivan, otherwise known as Art Pusher. I met Seth in South Park while admiring an amazing art piece he had installed in Junc on Fern Street. Recently, he and his friend Heber, along with owner of Junc, Jeffrey Parish,  transformed the store with a few trips to an architectural salvage yard, hard work and combined creativity.
Seth is a self-taught design artist that has no limit to his creativity. His main goal is to let people see the beauty in things considered strange or offbeat. He works mainly with spray paint, taxidermy, metals, glass, different types of wood and rare light bulbs to mention a few. It's no wonder that he shows his unique taste in the strange furniture and art he offers.
We can't wait to see what Seth will bring next week but we're sure it will be a great addition to our show and you definitely won't want to miss it!

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