Travel Talisman

Well, it's time for another gathering with my crafty sisters of The Handmade Revolution. Our next show is Saturday, September 30th, 2012 (see the poster on this page for more details:).
I've been working on a lot of great things, this travel talisman is one of the pieces that will be coming with me to the show. I've really been enjoying these double and triple strand, chunky charm necklaces and this one was inspired by my very good friend Brooke Evans. She and her family are modern day adventurers, they live life with passion and leave a positive impression wherever they roam. Recently, Brooke and her family moved all the way to D.C. I really miss having her a few blocks away yet I can't help but feel her influence in my life even with her on the other side of the country.
Brooke was one of the original founders of the Handmade Revolution, in fact without her, I doubt if it would ever have existed. So, I'll dedicate this show to Brooke and the creative energy she shares with all of those in her life. 
Hope you'll stop by!

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