Emily Grace: This is odd...

I'm not feeling scrambled to get ready, for the first time since we've started doing these shows! In fact, I may be feeling a little too ready...

It seems that waiting so long between Trunk Shows puts me into production overdrive! In addition to the usual recycled plastic offerings, I've got pillows, purses, lots of new wallets, bibs, leather and stone jewelry, artwork, linoleum block print cards, and a handful of other things. But what I'm most excited to show you is this:

See that lovely lady on the left? That is Okello Esther, who is one of my favorite people on earth. And see that jewelry on the right? She and her friends made it out of paper. The best thing that's ever happened to me is that I've twice had the privilege to travel to Uganda and design jewelry for Ember Arts (formerly Acholi Beads) and work alongside Esther and 26 other equally wonderful women. Many of you have purchased this jewelry at previous Trunk Shows, and I want you all to know how much the support of people like you has changed their lives- for the better. Thank you.

I'm excited to show you their new work, share some paintings, see new and old faces, and of course, to visit MIHO for lunch.

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